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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0

A sequel to the 1982 Disney Film, Tron, Tron Legacy is a top-of-the-line, high-action adventure which is great for most ages. Filled with subtle humor, and stuffed with action and adventure. Released in Australia on December 16, 2010, and in the United States on December 17, 2010, the film has become an instant box office hit. With a $170 million (one hundred seventy million US Dollars) as budget, and running at a gross revenue of 159 million US Dollars and counting, this movie is sure to become a classic. It runs as one hundred twenty seven (127) minutes (or in other terms, two hours and seven minutes), and is rated PG. It also contains music by Daft Punk, but that will be detailed later.

Graphics and Effects: 5.0

Visual Effects

A sequence from the film
Well, let's begin with this: it's Disney. It's one of the most well-known, most loved, most enduring media kingdoms of all time. It's taken good and bad times, and let's just say, the recent years have not been good to Disney. What with transitioning many of their channels and some of the questionable behaviors of their stars (*cough*Hannah Montana*cough*), they seem to be going down hill. However, this image turned when they released Toy Story 3, which I have also reviewed. It seems this turn was for the better, and seems to be staying for now! 

The film, Tron Legacy is actually based off of an older film made by Disney, known as Tron. This film soon gathered a cult following, which led to 1990's rumors of Disney creating a sequel. As such, a teaser was shown at a festival, confirming that Disney was making a sequel, but as for who was in it, no one knew. Doubts have arisen about this film, but in my opinion, as far as this section goes, it's amazing. The graphics are some of the best I've seen, comparable to Star Wars or Harry Potter in their precision and detail. Indeed, the film itself is detailed even when computers aren't being used. Everything is taken into account, and the film feel so real that one almost feels as if they are the ones standing right there and watching.

Sounds and Music: 5.0

Sound Effects

A poster ad for the film
The sound effects are amazing. Similar once again to Star Wars, Tron: Legacy is packed with their own unique sounds. One of the most apparent of these is the disk wars sound effects. Like Star Wars, innovation leads to the creation of a new sound, characteristic to the specific action. The disks themselves are nicely animated, and the sounds are timed perfectly, as well as presented in a manner that makes the sounds specific to the action.

Oddly enough, while I was watching the credits at the end, I took note that the George Lucas companies appeared multiple times. Of course, in a movie such as this, and with Star Wars on their applications, it's a pretty good fit for the studios.

As for the voices, they were perfect. It sounds to me as if the company did as George Lucas did, where he would wipe all sound and then re-record it and use the re-recording to make the sound and voices more prominent. Erstwhile, the actors have a perfect balance. They aren't screaming, but they aren't muttering so much no one can understand them.

Overall, the sound was amazing, and thus garners the high, high, high rating given to it above.

Music and Scores

Another of the images from the film,
this one depicting a light cycle
The music itself was arranged by Daft Punk, and though it has garnered the negative critiques of many, I believe it's wonderful. It seems to be based on the Mario-like beep music which is so tightly connected in our minds with old arcade games such as Pac-Man. And being the story line, this fits perfectly. On the other hand, I might be inexperienced as to the so-called "regular" sounds of the band, as I only heard fleeting mentions. I actually have never heard the band in action before. However, I do have the soundtrack on my iPod, and I must say that it is wonderful.

The scores set the mood, and when bought from iTunes (despite my disapproval of the severely flawed program), it even has some of the voice-overs, such as the explanation of the Grid in the Overture, as in the movie.

I also adore the heavy use of bass in the pieces. I'm a huge fan of bass, it's so deep and cool and whatnot. This heavy use is also balanced by extreme treble pieces as well, and despite the fact that the songs are short, and the CD isn't all that long, it was long enough to cover the film, and fit in all the appropriate areas.

Another interesting point it that there are many times in which the music is incorporated into the actions occurring on screen. There is a section where drums are rapidly beating, and on screen, this is accompanied by a crowd of soldiers banging their staffs on the ground. In addition, one scene features the subtle sound of feet hitting the ground walking to the beat of the song (though I disapproved of this one incident, as it made it feel more like Riverdance than an action movie for a moment).

Acting and Realism: 5.0

Acting Overview

Another of the promotional posters
What can I say? Again: It's Disney. What do we expect? Top notch, extraordinary acting. What do we get? Pure. Epic. The acting in this film was amazing, and reflected the moods and settings perfectly. The themes, the emotions, and the heartbreaks all spilled out from the thin projector screen into the theater, and made for an amazing experience.

In addition, the voice acting is marvelous, as stated. Never too loud, never too soft. and yet, it's always easily understood. Even when the character which the actor is depicting is panicked or frightened, the words flow in an understandable manner.

Another boost to this rating was the sheer range of types of characters. From the calm, selfless, and careful; to the anxious, selfish, and reckless. Case in point? The character Castor, played by Michael Sheen. The initially appealing character soon turns bad, and begins a wild acting streak. This includes amazingly executed portions in which he cackles madly and fires projectiles from the end of his cane about the room. The performance itself was eerily familiar of the performance of the entertainer within Cabaret. Indeed, his performance just seemed to create waves of energy within the theater, garnering raised brows and laughs from the crowd throughout his appearance in the film.

My Verdict...

This movie is memorable indeed. However, I do not recommend it for loud or easily frightened children, as it features loud, unexpected noises, some extremely mild language, and extreme violence. Note, though, that like Star Wars, there is no incredibly gory scenes of violence. Overall? Go on ahead! Get out there and see it! It's an amazing movie, and it's definitely worth paying a few extra bucks to see in three dimensions. Whether your forte is action, sci-fi, explosions, or anything else, you'll probably love it.

Product Information

Tron: Legacy

Legal and Promotional Globbitygloop

Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Studio: LivePlanet
Based on characters by Steven Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird

General Extra Info

Release Date (Australia): 16 December 2010
Release Date (America/USA): 17 December 2010
Preceded by: Tron (1982)
Running Time: Approximately 127 minutes/1:07/One hour, seven minutes
Budget: $170 million US Dollars

Major Cast and Crew

Directed by Joseph Kosinski
Produced by: Sean Bailey, Jeffrey Silver, Steven Lisberger
Screenplay by: Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis
Story by: Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal
Music by: Daft Punk
Cinematography by: Claudio Miranda
Editing by: James Haygood

Major Character Portrayals

Kevin Flynn, Clu: Jeff Bridges (doubles)
Sam Flynn: Garrett Hedlund
Quorra: Olivia Wilde
Alan (Probe!?) Bradley (Aw... that's disappointing...): Bruce Boxleitner
Castor, Zuse: Michael Sheen
Jarvis (creeps me out): James Frain
MP3 Programs/Masked DJ's: (Cameo) Daft Punk
Gem: Beau Garrett (main siren, does the most speaking)
Additional 'Sirens': Yaya DeCosta, Serina Swan, Elizabeth Mathias
Edward Dillinger (Uncredited): Cillian Murphy
End of Line Club bartender: (Cameo) Steve Lisberger
Rinzler (Tron): Anis Cheurfa (stunt actor, remains masked throughout performance)
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