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DraconicReviews is a section where Dragon...well...reviews random stuff! All reviews are expressed opinions from Dragon. Dragon is in no way an expert reviewer, and all views shown here are simply to aid you. In other words, all of the following are opinions. All reviews are broken up into groups listed on your navigation menu (to the left) according to the type of product which is being reviewed. For example, a review of a Gamecube game would be under the Gaming category, while a review on a movie would be under the Movies tab. Also, the complete blog is available for viewing as well, though for convenience, I suggest you use the links.

All of the ratings are according to a five-star scale. The more stars the object being rated has, the better the object being reviewed is. For example, an object with 3 stars is better than one with 1 and so on.

The following reviews are here only to help you when you are considering buying/doing something and are again, no way professional grade. These are expressed opinions by Dragon, and are not meant to curve your opinions. If you really want to get something that has a low grade, by all means, do so! These are only the views of one person. Maybe I just don't find it interesting. Thank you for visiting DraconicArcania Hideout!