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For Those Who Play Sims 3

This section of the site is devoted to those known as "Simmers." In short, it's a giant portion of the site which is dedicated mainly to the purpose of educating people about Sims 3. The guides here are shown for PC only! I am not in possession of Sims 3 for the XBOX360, nor any other console besides the computer. Therefore, I have no idea if these guides stand true with the console versions! Thank you! And enjoy this little section!

More Information

To navigate the section, do as you have for the entire site. Roll over the section main topic, then click on the subsection which you wish to go to. In addition, no, this is not affiliated with EA games, however, I have done research through gameplay which allows me to say I'm confident these guides are true. If you find an error, feel free to tell me by emailing me at DraconicArcania@techie.com! You may also submit new cheats and information you find on the game to the same address. If you email pertains solely to Sims, please entitle the topic 'Sims 3 feedback', or something similar. Thank you!

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