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For Online Roleplayers

This section is for referencing the browser-based roleplaying games and beyond you can get involved in. No, this is not for textual roleplay. Rather, this is for actual gaming. Thus, why it's filed under Online Gamers. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these sections! As usual, Tweet or email me any suggestions!

Cool Games to Check Out

Adventure Quest gameplay
From Battleon Games, Adventure Quest is a single-player, turn-based, exploration game. Its predecessor is AdventureQuest Worlds, which is an MMORPG. The ingenious system allows for the creation of characters of one race and many different classes. The game also allows for the customization of one's character. The company is family friendly, thus its game is fine for anyone. It does, however, contain cartoon violence. Both games are free to play, with optional purchases of "AQ Coins" or "Guardian Accounts" for extra features in the games.
Dragon Fable dueling interface gameplay
Another family-friendly game by Battleon Entertainment, the DragonFable game is similar in both interface and design to Adventure Quest. As with its close relative, there is the option to buy extra features, however, it is free to play. Once again, you can choose from different classes while you duel random critters. It's an addicting yet simple game, and it doesn't take long to get a hang of the interface. The game is constantly updated, and even goes through its own holidays. As said previously... It's free to play, with optional premium purchases for extra content available.
MechQuest dueling interface gameplay
Yet again, MechQuest is the brainchild of Battleon Entertainment. The game is similar to its close relatives, Dragon Fable and Adventure Quest, and contains similar gameplay and interfaces. As per usual, it's suitable for just about anyone, and its chocked full of awesome creatures. The game is sci-fi based, as opposed to many other games which Battleon produces, but it goes through renovation and revival just as the other two do. The game is free to play, with optional upgrades and premium accounts available for purchase.
Epic Duel dueling interface gameplay
Yet another family-friendly game from Battleon Entertainment, Epic Duel is an MMORPG, in which you can duel not only non-player-controlled characters, but also other players! The interface and style is similar to the other Battleon games'. It's set in a sci-fi environment, and features some cartoon violence... obviously. The game itself is free to play, but additional features, bonus items, and premium accounts are available to purchase.