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Web Designers

Well now, it's sorta' obvious that I'd add this to the web designers resource area. After all, this site is powered by and made using Weebly. The interface varies from person to person, depending on how one decides to use it. Overall, it's a great site creator to use, and pretty simplistic. So, for the general information...
Category: Website creator
Skill level: Any
Cost: Free, extra features for money
Can host own domain for free: Yes
Space/Storage: Limited file types, unlimited storage
CSS Sheet Styling: Yes, free, optional
HTML Coding: Yes, free, optional
From our good friends at Google comes Google Sites. This tool is nice for extremely simplistic sites. However, this doesn't mean it's all that nice. It lacks HTML capability, and the gadget one can add to use this takes forever to format if one is using it only to add some interesting functions. Why? It asks for you to give the size. So you have to limit yourself to that, or risk aesthetic harm.
Category: Web creator
Skill Level: Medium
Cost: Free, extra features for money
Free domain hosting: Yes
Space/Storage: 100mb
CSS Styling: No
HTML Coding: Yes, limited, and pain to use
Now we move onto Wix. What makes this place is nifty because it's not just a site, it's a flash site. You can link things, make animations, and so on and so forth. It's like a powerpoint, in a sense. It's easy to use, but it does have coding and styling limits.
Category: Flash website builder
Skill Level: Beginner to Moderate
Cost: Free, extras for money
Free domain hosting: Yes
Space/Storage: Unlimited
CSS Sheet Styling: No
HTML Coding: No
For a quick reference, some things have been abbreviated in here, so here's the legend.
+ Additional tools for money
$ Denotes a feature one must pay for, either to use or for more
# Annoying to use
% Limited file upload types
L Limited use 
And here are some of the abbreviations used...
FWB Flash website creator
HTMLT HTML tutorials
Site Type Skill Price Dom. Host. Space CSS HTML
Weebly Web creator Any Free (+) Yes Unlimited (%) Optional Optional
Google Sites Web creator Medium Free (+) Yes 100mb ($) No Yes (#,L)
Wix FWB B-M Free (+) Unknown Unlimited (%) No No

Site (Category)

Weebly (Web builder)


Level: Any
Cost: Free, optional upgrades
Domain hosting: Free
Storage: Limited file types, unlimited overall

Graphic Artists

In all honesty, GIMP is what would be considered the free equivalent of Photoshop. This program is favored by budding artists or those who don't want to pay the big bucks for Photoshop. However, though it does have a wide range of functionality, know that it probably won't do much good to say that you know how to use GIMP in your job application. On the other hand, it's great for those that only have graphic design for a hobby.
Created by Adobe, the Photoshop product line is wide in variety and function. It's also great for job applications, as Photoshop is the preferred editing tool of choice. However, that's to say, it doesn't come cheap. On very rare occasions, one might find a deal where they get a full edition free with the computer. However, if you have it pre-installed or as an additional software, it's most likely a trial version. This is GIMP essentially, only put on steroids...
So, again, here's your little legend...
And please note all prices are direct from the site, and that they are all in US Dollars.
($) Open to donations
($$) Have to pay
(FT) Free trial offer
(OD) Online download
(CD) Software CD download
(DP) Default program
(ODFT) Online download for trials only

L1 Layers
F Filters
R Render
M Mapping
T Advanced text and text effects editing
L2 Lighting effects
MD Manual drawing art specialty
A Advanced image correcting
Free ($)
L1, F, R, M, T, A, L2
Yes (OD)
$100+ ($$,FT)
L1, F, R, M, T, L2, MD, A
Yes (CD, ODFT)


Web Designers
Graphic Artists
Video Editors
Sound Mixers