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For Bookworms

Here are some interesting books which you might like. The books are in no specific order, and I've detailed my versions and whatnot, as some different versions tend to change the story slightly. But feel free to enjoy the list! you can find the books at your local library, or (my favorite) your local Barnes&Noble!
One of the many covers available
Written by Victor Hugo during the French Revolution, and also set in the French revolution, this historical classic has been transformed into the version most of you are probably familiar with: the musical. The musical itself comes in as many languages as the book now has been translated into, including French, English, Spanish, German, Icelandic, and more! This book is some heavy reading, and I wouldn't recommend it as a book you read to your kids. Maybe higher teens or adults.

My specific edition is published by Signet Classics, in paperback edition. This version is the unabridged issue, and has 1463 pages.
I couldn't find a cover for this one, but it is written by Patricia McCormick. This book is more recent, and is a semi-historical story of the Iraqi/Afghanistan War. My version is the hardback edition, published by the HarperCollins Publishing organization, and totals up to 199 pages. This is a heavy read, and should not be given to anyone younger than, I would say, at least thirteen.
The book cover, it seems to be the only one available
A winner of the Printz Award, Stuck in Neutral by Terry Trueman is indeed a good but strange story. You'll just have to pick it up and read it. Do not read the back. This is one of those books that is amazing, but one which few would read if it is just picked up, and the summary is read. Just read it. I have the paperback edition, and my version totals to ninety nine (99) pages.
As it says, this is book one of the Skinjacker Trilogy. The book is by Neal Shusterman, and is of two wandering teenage souls killed in a car crash. The book follows their long trek, and contains some heavy material, but it's safe for more mature children and teens. My version is published by Simon & Schuster, and is the paperback edition. For my book, it has a total of 313 pages.