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Um... after an annoying error that redirected you to a site no matter what you did, I remade this page... Sigh... But again, please contact me at DraconicArcania@techie.com if you have any suggestions with the name, and please send me some samples of the aforementioned band's songs. Also, you can use the Index below and to the right to find someone that looks interesting. In addition, there are some extra audio clips in case you wish to listen. Click on the images to find their source, as I used images scattered around the interwebs. The audio files are property of their respective owners, and do have some ads at the beginning, but they have nice samples of the music.

Bands and Groups

The Beatles as a band
One of those well-known pop-type bands out there, The Beatles are no longer together (and, sadly, seeing as both John and George are dead, it's somewhat impossible). However, the band does have an extensive repertoire of timeless songs. These include hits such as Hello Goodbye, Good Morning, Twist and Shout, and many others. Though I do caution, they were a bit radical and/or out there despite their greatness. As such, I caution that extremely impressionable folks should not be exposed to their later tracks, which can get into some mixed and possibly volatile translations...
A recent picture of the band
Celtic Thunder is a band composed of male vocal artists, with music done by separate groups. However, their music is amazing. The band itself is composed of Keith Harkin, George Donaldson, Damian McGinty, Ryan Kelly, and Paul Byrom. As of now, they're growing in popularity, despite mainly doing covers. Nonetheless, their selection of tunes ranges from Surfin' USA to Danny Boy, to songs as wild as Doo-Whacka-Doo and Standing on a Corner.
The DragonForce band
Technically classified as a British heavy metal band, DragonForce is more of an eclectic mix of insane and suave. Their pieces range from their beautiful ballads (such as Trails of a Broken Heart) to their more famous and more wild pieces like Through the Fire and Flames (which was featured as the final song on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock).


John Williams
Acclaimed and renowned around the world, composer John Williams has been the leader of countless innovations in soundtrack and instrumental. He also boasts an extensive list of famous movies for which he has composed; among these are titles such as Jaws, the Home Alone series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone, both of the Star Wars trilogies, Memoirs of a Geisha, Indiana Jones, and more. The ingenious composer also had pieces features instrumentally in the 1960's rendition of Fiddler on the Roof. Overall, he has a definitive style which has yet to be proven boring despite the test of time. Lots and lots of time. Lots and lots of time... like... crazy amounts of time... Okay, maybe not that much, but he's been around for a while!

Single Artists

Another one of those great, dead artists, John Lennon was a Beatle and peace advocate. His songs can get a bit controversial, but his music is stupendous, and I personally don't really give a poo if the music raises some brows. Why? Because it's just downright amazing! His repertoire includes Watching the Wheels, Imagine, Give Peace and Chance, Happy X-Mas (War is Over) (which was featured as one of the best Christmas songs of all time), and Gimme' Some Truth among others. Though his solo career was so inhumanely cut short, he did produce a wealth of amazing songs, and I believe all of them are compiled on iTunes in the Power to the People album.