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Love music? Love musicals? Then look no further! You've arrived at a collection of recommended musicals and operas which appeal to the ears! The links below open new windows, and if you need some help finding what you're looking for, use the pnal to the right to select the musical which sounds interesting. Enjoy, and be sure to send any suggestions to DraconicArcania@techie.com! Be sure to include an audio clip or YouTube playlist for me to sample, as well! 

Cool Musicals to Check out!

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Yeah! I did write an article about this a while back! But I digress... Phantom of the Opera is Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece. Released in 1986, it is one of the longest enduring musical of all time, and has been remixed several times. It's included stars such as Colm Wilkinson and Gerard Butler, and has been translated into film. The book which inspired the franchise, Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera (or Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, as in the original French title) is still in print, and sold in stores. The musical itself has become well loved and unforgettable, and includes timeless numbers such as Music of the Night, Down Once More, Phantom of the Opera, Masquerade, and many more! Its timeless opening organ tune has become synonymous with Phantom (as the show is sometimes abbreviated), and has since overshadowed the classical Phantom theme (from the Lon Chaney original movie), Toccata and Fugue in G minor. 

Due to graphic content, Phantom's face, fake corpses, loud noises, and scary scenes, this musical is not recommended for the entire family (teens are safe, below that... only take them if you want to them to grow up to be a sadistic, deformed singer that lives under an opera house falling in love with girls nearly half his age and strangling people for no apparent reason) If you wish to judge this musical to see if it's appropriate for your family, the 2004 Gerard Butler film adaptation is available for cheap prices at stores or free from YouTube.
An iconic scene from the show
A Cameron Mackintosh production which has weathered twenty five (25) years of production, Les Misérables (or Les Mis/Les Miz, as it is so often abbreviated) is one of the most loved and renowned musicals in history. Indeed, it has been reclassified as a rock opera due to its appeal with the public, and has features legends such as Nick Jonas (the only acceptable Jonas Brother, in my opinion), Colm Wilkinson, and Robert Marien. The play itself has been translated into a total of twenty one (21) different languages, including English, French, Finnish, German, Icelandic, Australian, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Mexican Spanish, and many more. In addition, the show has run in forty two (42) countries and two hundred ninety one (291) cities in its history. With over forty three thousand (43,000) professional runs (worldwide), and an audience figure of over fifty five million (55,000,000) people, it's no wonder why this show has lasted so long! [Facts and figures based on reports from their site] Its longest production played a total of seven thousand six hundred two (7,602) runs, and was at the Queen's Theater in London. After Cats and Phantom, it is the third longest enduring musical in history, and it features classics such as One Day More (Le Grand Jour on the French edition), A Little Fall of Rain, and (performed by Susan Boyle) I Dreamed a Dream, among others.

Due to loud noises, four scenes of death (one of which is a suicide), an entire number devoted to hookers singing, and sexual references (mainly because one of the main characters of the first half is a prostitute), this musical is not recommended for small children and/or incredibly immature peoples. However, if your child has no idea what sexual innuendo is, they're probably safe... though the musical is dark and there is an excess of loud noises.
A picture from one of the professional productions of the show
Straight from the bible, the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors springs out of this amazing musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The musical is great for families, and also great for those who want to educate their children of the bible. Of all of the musicals listed, and at this current time, this is the only one I have seen in person (though I'm seeing Les Miz soon), and let me say it is amazing. Its wacky approach to the story of Joseph and its insane but impressive scenery is breathtaking. Not to mention the music! Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was not only the brainchild of a 1968 request to Webber by a local priest to make an interesting production, but it was also the first professional production musical to incorporate a children's choir in its musical number. It's a great musical, and does indeed do a great job of teaching the story to children. From a Pharaoh Ramses dressed as Elvis popping from a snake, to the eleven brothers dressed as cowboys and singing to Abraham, and even to the eleven brothers pleading with Joseph to release one of their own in a Calypso style song, it is truly amazing. The rights were purchased twice, and Really Useful Group Co. currently own the rights, having purchased them from Filmtrax on April 24, 1989 for an excess of one million euros (1,000,000). Meanwhile, Webber moved on to create Jesus Christ Superstar, which is a completely different topic. The musical include unforgettable moments and songs including Potiphar (which is the only somewhat inappropriate number, mainly because it contains some sex hidden under blankets, while accompanied by some funny tunes), Poor Poor Pharaoh, One More Angel in Heaven, Benjamin Calypso, and many others!

Excluding the Potiphar number, this musical is family friendly!
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***This musical appears to have no official site, if anyone finds one, please tell me****
Hairspray is a 2002 musical  by Marc Shaiman, with lyrics by Scott Wittman. This musical was also recently released as a film starring John Travolta, Elijah Kelly, and Zac Effron among others. However, it is based off of the John Walters 1988 film of the same title. The musical itself, I believe is no longer running, but it's a great musical to check into. The soundtrack is easily available in stores, and it's a cute, funny thing to look into. The movie warranted a PG13 rating from the American Rating Board.

Due to racial inferences (which are due to the time period the musical is set in), some rather questionable humor, and that fact that John Travolta is dressed up as a mother in the film, this is not recommended for immature audiences.
The Fiddler on the Roof special edition DVD cover.
Based on the stories of Sholom Aleichem, Fiddler on the Roof is a Tony Awards-winning musical and film which features music by Jerry Bock, and with lyrics created by Sheldon Harnick. Its first production was in 1964, and the musical is currently out of production. However, recent renditions have been released. I have not watched the movie, only listened to the music, but I can assure you it's pretty family-friendly. The 1971 film production features music composed by the legendary John Williams, and also has the original Broadway numbers included in the movie. Use this 1971 version for judging if your family is ready for the musical. The show includes classical numbers such as Tradition, If I Were a Rich Man, and more! Overall, it's a great play.

As far as I know, this film and its musical counterpart is safe for family. If I'm incorrect, please contact me at the email listed at the top of this page.
A poster for the 1962 film
****This musical is no longer running and has no official site... sadly****
I'm sure some more modern audiences have heard about this musical in their music class/elective. The Music Man was a show based on Franklin Lacey's story, composed and written by Meredith Wilson. The show has received many awards, and currently holds a Tony Award as well. It became a hit in 1957, and still remains popular offstage today. Music Man includes classical numbers such as Marian the Librarian, Goodnight my Someone, Iowa Stubborn, Wells Fargo Wagon, and Seventy Six Trombones (played every years at the Fourth of July parade by the military band in America) among other musical numbers. The best recording of the show (in my opinion) is the 1962 film edition, which is available on CD and remastered CD.

This Broadway show is acceptable for all ages, and I have watched and listened to the entire musical.
The Mamma Mia film promotional poster and computer background
Released as a musical in 1999, and just recently released as a successful film, Mamma Mia! has received countless awards, and is still in production at the current moment. Using songs from ABBA, the musical follows the story of a young girl in search of her father to walk her down the isle. Um... let's put this in freeze frame. This is where we get into the negative side of this amazing musical... Um... she can't find her father because her mother slept with multiple men, so no one knows who she's really from. In addition, the film features homosexuality. I haven't seen the musical, but I've listened to it thoroughly. It's a great musical overall, though.

This film and musical is not family friendly due to sexual inferences, possibly offensive ideology and material, suggestive themes, and the overall story line.
A promotional poster for the musical film
Created in 1979 by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler, this Tony Award-winning musical was made famous by the 2007 Johnny Depp film based off of the musical. The film promotional poster is featured above. The movie was directed by Tim Burton, and featured famous faces such as Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman (prominently Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series), Timothy Spall (prominently Wormtail/Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter series), and Helena Bonham Carter (prominently Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series). It's a great film, and a great musical. It features amazing classics, such as The Worst Pies in London, and Not While I'm Around.

Due to the story, overdosing of blood, brief language ('shit' is said once during No Place Like London and Epihphany, 'piss' is said during Pirelli's Miracle Elixir), some sexual innuendo, and emo-type themes, this musical and equivalent film is not for everyone.


* Items with an asterisk are family friendly. 

# Items marked with a pound sign are most likely bad for small children, unless you want to emotionally scar them for life