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Overall Rating: 4.26

This section is the rating for the general public, as in the ones that aren't major Potterites and/or haven't read the book.

The highly anticipated first half of the final film in the Harry Potter series, this film has been hyped, hyped, and then rehyped. However, is it really worth all the hype? Trust me, I love Harry Potter. In fact, Harry Potter's damned amazing... But this film was somewhat of a major letdown. Despite its amazing acting (as per usual), and Daniel Radcliffe's amazing sexy, it didn't pack the punch which the earlier movies (such as Prisoner of Azkaban and Chamber of Secrets had). It is directed by David Yates, and distributed by Warner Brothers as per usual.

Realism Rating: 4.65

Digital Effects Rating: 5.0/5.0

Harry, Ron, and Hermione on set
The digital effects were, as per usual, spectacular. The  breathtaking realism combined with the fantastical setting with which the digital animation crew is given to play with is mixed and blended perfectly. However, there is one minor detail which has been overlooked. Dobby's signature look has been kept... Unfortunately, so has Krecher's. Thus, both don't exactly blend well. However, the overall film contains insanely well-done digital effects. In fact, some of the major effects are real enough to look... well... real! Some of the most eye-popping pieces of delectable digital eye candy come with the apparation scenes. The way in which they apparate is similar to how port keys were shown to work in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In addition, the spells are beautifully orchestrated, and the sounds are spectacular. It's somewhat like a lightsaber. You can't have that glowing laser blade without the signature NYRRRUUUN! As such, you can't have a good Avada Kedavra without a signature SHABANG!

Cinematography Rating: 4.3/5.0

Despite all its glitz and glamor, the cinematography leave a lot to be desired. Some scenes have some beautiful shots, from the amazing close-ups in the forest, depicting Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and the gang running from some pursuing snatchers, to the amazing and moving shots showing one of the film's earlier death scenes. So, what is the verdict? Well, this amazing cinematography is marred by one major glitch seen in the seen in which Ron (Rupert Grint) and Harry argue in the tent. Hell, it looks like they paid a teenager to film that scene with a camcorder! Taping the camera to Radcliffe's butt woulds have given more stable shots! But that's beside the point... In addition, some of the more moving shots, including scenes depicting an emotional Hermione (Emma Watson) sitting on a rocky cliff. These shots are admittedly blurry. And so profit-driven intentions thus end one of the most epic modern series of our time with an acceptable film. Not a great film, not a good film, just tolerable

However, it is worth noting that some of the poorly shot scenes tended to lean more in the direction of Harry's stunts. Thus, the rating is bumped up. As when one considers the untimely injury of Radcliffe's stunt double, they made good work of the shambles they had left.

Music Rating: ??/5.0

Sorry, this rating is soon coming. I've yet to purchase the soundtrack from iTunes. However, once I've had some thorough experience with the music and can hum it in my sleep (which won't take long), I'll post a review of the soundtrack. Nonetheless, the music I did hear over the cheers, sobs, and screams of the crowd was nice.

Basic Tips and Warnings

Family Value, Content, and Explicits

Unlike many predicted, it's all safe! There is no nudity in the film... yet. However, this is still not a family film. I actually wouldn't recommend anyone under at least ten watch this. It contains one scene of digital near-complete nudity, scenes of intensely sexual making out, and countless high shock moments.

Who the hell is Harry James Potter!?

Yeeeah. If you have never read the books... Be sure to take a friend, relative, acquaintance, or lifetime rival and enemy who just happens to be a Potter lover with you. Unfortunately, due to the recent introduction of the crap pile known as Twilight, these amazingly diverse peoples are slowly dying out. However, they seem to be making a comeback. Anyway, the reason this film dropped some points (as, if you haven't noticed, I rate using averages) is because it is nearly undecipherable to those who haven't read the books.

Warning! Warning!

Epically large amounts of spoilers ahead

Faithfulness Rating: 3.9

The rating for those who have read the books and/or major Potter freaks.

Cutoff Point: 2.8/5.0

In relation to the countless places they could have put it and still retained general audience interest while not pissing people off... Tsk tsk tsk. Suck suck suck. You could have easily cut it off at that amazing shot of the trio standing and looking at Dobby's grave. Ffff! Diediedie! Blah! But no, you have to end it with Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) shooting a Dark Mark into the air! No! No! Do you know how many people will be throwing things at the screen? You'll only have, what, a one hour film left! You might as well have just put both parts into one. According to estimates, the final film will only be around one and a half hours in length! Pathetic!

Continuity: 3.6/5.0

Dobby + Krecher, neither style or animation edited... That equation equals a major digital style slash. They also changed the overall appearance of the dementors... {*sigh*} again. At least they keep Harry's hair the same... Except he grows stubble... But the stubble is sexy and looks so soft and... oops...

Content: 1.4/5.0

To be frank... Too much was cut out. The movie is extremely choppy, and many parts were substituted as well. It seems that the content that was cut out was mostly comic relief and fillers, but some of the pivotal moments which make the film and book flow were axed. Warner Brothers, there's a fine line between too much and too little. And you know what? This film falls under way too little. The film is choppy beyond repair, and the plot is undecipherable to those who have never looked at the book. Just... GAH! Face. Palm. At least they left the "I feel holey" line in... But they lacked comic relief, meaning the film is also far too tense. It starts as a limp rope... Hey look! Drama! Tight, tight rope! Oh wait! Ron said something stupid! Little slack... oops, too soon! More taut! No, stupid comment... Ron's not the only source of funny comments, try letting others have some comedic moments. I mean, they share the comedy, but Ron just seems to be constantly bullied by the film media! Poor Ron!
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LOL I Liek Hadn't Commented In Awhile So Im Gunna Do It Now. This Moovie wuz Liek So Awesum And I Lieked It, But Your Right, It Was Kinda Booring LOL. Ron Is SOOO Sexypants Rite? And Liek That Scene With The Hercrox Thingy Was Liek So Hot When Harry And Herminee Were Liek Making Out I Was Like OMG OMG! LOLOL. Anywayz, Tlak Later ;)
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