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Rating: 5.0 Stars

I was, to be honest, a bit skeptical when it came to making another Toy Story. However, it seems that Disney|PIXAR has once again made a great movie! This film earns a solid 5.0 Stars right from the beginning! Why? Well...first of all...it's freaking Toy Story, who doesn't love it? I mean, most 90's kids (which would include me) grew up with Toy Story, and this is the final installment of not only the film classic which made PIXAR famous, but also the last in a series sparked by the world's FIRST EVER Computer Animated, full length film! Nonetheless, this is babble. 

The film is filled with amazing twists and turns, and integrates emotional with purely hilarious. For example, I'll just say that Mr. Pickle-Potato Head was quite entertaining. I love the film overall, and it is the perfect (planned) ending to the perfect series.

Now...I'll try and reveal as few spoilers as possible while doing the rest of the review...
RATING: 5.0 Stars
Rated "G"
Directed by: Lee Unkrich
Music by: Randy Newman
Distributed by: Disney
Produced by: Disney|PIXAR
Released June 18, 2010 (United States)
Released July 19, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Voice Cast

COMMENTS: Fantastic!
The entire voice cast was the same as in the originals (with the exception of Jim Varney, who played Slinky Dog in the first two but died before the third... :[ Sad...). FromTom Hank's phenomenal performance as Sheriff Woody Pride to Tim Allen's remarkable voice performance as Buzz Lightyear! This film continues the Toy Story legacy with its remarkable voice cast that bring the characters to life! Plus, not only do the characters have their original voices (again, with the exception of Slinky Dog...), but the newer voices are equally amazing to the voices of old familiars such as Woody. Ned Beatty is purely remarkable in his role as Lotso (or Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear), and he imitated the perfect tone and voice for every emotion, yet he still holds up a quiet tone in the background of his voice which reflects his character's past. Teddy Newton also meets the same standards as Lotso with his amazing performance as the Chatter Telephone. Oh...and we can't forget Whoopi Goldberg's amazing voicing of Stretch! And, just as a little fun fact, Lee Unkrick (the director) makes a cameo appearance when he voices one line as Jack-in-the-Box.


COMMENTS: Awesome! Beautiful work! Another great masterpiece by Randy Newman!
Now, admittedly, what really got my attention when the movie started was not the animation, not the purely amazing artistry in the work, but the music! The music of Toy Story 3 was written by Randy Newman, the same mastermind behind the first two film soundtracks. As soon as I heard the familiar voice of Newman singing the iconic song You've Got a Friend in Me from the very first movie, I was hooked to the screen.

After seeing the movie, I promptly returned home and purchased the soundtrack from iTunes. And while the entire thing has yet to download (some sort of stupid technical issue...), only two tracks are missing, and the other 13 are on my iPod. The music alone can evoke emotions from the movie. Each score presented me with the scene from the movie with which it related, and every note is perfectly composed.

Like all other great works, the music is more than just music, it is something which digs into your soul, unearths memories, and then evokes emotions. I loved every moment of the soundtrack, and I am still listening to it! It's amazing! Randy Newman makes another musical masterpiece again!
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OMGeez I Cryed About This Moovie When I Saw It And You Made Me Cry Aggen!!! Issokay I Still Luvv You! This Review Is Liek So Hip Yo. LOL!!
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