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Rating: 5.0 stars

As gory as its predecessors, Saw II is a definite scream. It's one of those movies that you think is just sadistically horrible, yet you can't help but looking out of the corner of your eye. It's extremely well-made, featuring an amazing cast, awesome effects, and the classic traps.

In my opinion, the Saw franchise has been unfairly labelled as "horror films." Now, unless you dislike blood, Saw is most definitely not a horror film. It's gory and sadistic, yes. However, it is not a horror film. I find this classification to be unfair. Nonetheless, onto the review!

Warning: This page has a moderately creepy surprise. No, I'm not evil. I didn't put some nasty picture of anything, it's just some audio. However, if you don't want to be surprised, mute your speakers. However, it's not really scary. It's just Jigsaw saying "I want to play a game." That is...if it works...

Product Information

Rated "R"
Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman
Music by: Charlie Clouser
Distributed by: Lionsgate
Produced by: Twisted Pictures
Release date(s): October 28, 2005

Movie Cast

Movie cast and acting rating: 5.0 stars
The casting in Saw II, as with all of the Saw movies was fantastic! Each person played their roll so realistically it was hard to believe that the movie was a film. The entire, grisly story is told from front to back by the small group. Through each trap, the cast acted dutifully. They were their rolls, and I highly value how much they obviously put behind their acting.

Not to mention, everyone in the traps did an amazing job! Every trap was well-made, and the acting within each was horribly realistic. Some of these fantastic actors are listed here. All of the actors in this movie should pat themselves on the back, because they did a sadistically wonderful job in this film.
Cast to Note
Tobin Bell as Jigsaw/John Kramer
Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young
Donnie Wahlberg as Eric  Matthews
Eric Knudsen as Daniel Matthews
Franky G. as Xavier
Glenn Plummer as Jonas
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison
Beverly Mitchell as Laura
Tim Burd as Obi
Dina Meyer as Kerry
Lyriq Bent as Rigg
Noam Jenkins as Michael
Tony Nappo as Gus


Music rating: 5.0 stars
As with all of the Saw movies so far, Saw II does not disappoint when it comes to music! Everything from the beginning to the end was hauntingly accompanied by amazing music and awesome scores. Jigsaw would undoubtedly be proud if he knew of the great music which accompanies his story. The music is just as enjoyable as it is haunting. However, it is an amazing collection of scores by an amazing artist (Charlie Clouser), and I applaud this fact.
Jigsaw or John Kramer.
From HDwarez.com

Movie Effects

The Deathmask/Venus Fly Trap
The Deathmask/Venus Fly Trap
Special Effects/Movie Effects Rating: 5.0 stars
The effects in Saw II are just as amazing as the effects seen throughout the Saw franchise. An amazing collection of sadistic, gory detail is not overlooked. It is clear that the Saw producers do not substitute comfort for realism. The intense scenes of blood and gore are definitely means not to let your child under the age of at least thirteen watch this movie.

However, the graphics, makeup, and effects are all amazing. Not to mention the fact that all of the traps are chillingly realistic, and the blood is strategically placed to make it appear real. This movie clearly was quite maticulous about their special effects department, and as a result, they succeeded in making a memorably horrific film. From the world that Saw is set in to the tiniest of details on the traps and walls, this film is most definitely amazing.

Extras (The Traps)

This section is exclusive to Saw films. This is put here just for those who are curious. So, why not? Enjoy and have fun looking at these. No, I don't reveal the outcome of the trapped people, so don't worry, the list is safe.
Trap Name --- Other names--- Characters involved
The Deathmask --- The Venus Fly Trap --- Michael Marks
The Magnum Eyehole --- None --- Gus (Tony Nappo)
The Furnace --- None --- Obi (Tim Burd)
The Needle Pit --- None --- Amanda (Shawnee Smith)
The Razor Box --- None --- Addison (Emmanuelle Vaugier)
Detective Matthew's Test --- None --- Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg)

Extras (The Hidden Sounds)

Did you like the addition of the Jigsaw commentary? Well, just to be courteous, I got the sound from here, and added the effect using the code below. The code works with any sound file, just to let you know. It's a nifty trick.
The Code
<embed name="Saw" src="http://www.moviesoundclips.net/movies1/saw/game.wav" loop="false" hidden="true" autostart="true">
3/16/2011 09:27:18 am

LOLOLOL! I Didn't See This Moovie Till U Reviewed It But I Went And Saw It And The Venus Fly Trap Was My Favorite Death LOL. I Liek Luvv Horror Moovies Their My Favorite Kind!! And Liek, OMGeez Sometimes I Can't Even Sleep Without Watching A Death From This!!! I Know Im Liek Odd But OMGeez I Luvv This Moovie And I Luvv Your Reviews!!! LOL.
~Yor Seceret Admierer


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